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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is we have the best consignment team in the desert. Our sales force will maximize profit for items left on consignment while providing a great shopping experience to our every day customers.

Currently we are focused on modern and contemporary furniture and art. 

One of our greatest attributes is our ability to sell items at maximum value. Once we can see the item(s) in person you can expect a call from us to review the prices before they are sold. 

We can recommend several local delivery companies however, we most often work with JE Delivery Service. 

We do not discount items automatically like other consignment stores. Ultimately our sales team will determine the best price we can sell to a customer. Contractually, they are allowed to discount up to 20% every month your item(s) do not sell.

Yes, and we do not charge a fee. However, we insist you give us at least two days notice as some items can be difficult to locate. 

There are various reasons why an item may not be accepted for consignment. It could be that we do not have the space available, there are already similar items in stock, or we believe that the item will not sell well at our location. We are not always able to provide a specific reason. Thank you for understanding. 

Due to the nature of consignment stores we do not own most items in our store. We therefore are unable to issue refunds.